Brief History

Wakulima Commercial SACCO Ltd is situated in Nyeri County. The sacco is owned by dairy farmers of Mukurweini Wakulima Dairy Ltd (MWDL) whom are the main shareholders. Milk farmers in Mukurweini did not have a proper financial institution that could offer them affordable financial services, hence this necessitated the creation of the SACCO.

It has the best services in the region through offering such services indicated below

Credit Facilities

1. Advances
These are fast credit facilities granted to our members against their expected payments as explained below.

2. Milk Advance
It is allowed to milk farmers against their milk production. The main consideration is the number of liters the farmer is delivering daily.

3. Coffee Picking Advance
It is available to the coffee farmers whose coffee payments are made through the Sacco. The advance is recovered from the first payment of the coffee being picked.

4. Salary Advance

This is available for all employed and pensioned persons whose salaries/ pensions are paid through the Sacco.


Loans are only available to Sacco Members. The only security required is guarantee by fellow members. The member has also to proof the ability to repay.

1. Development Loans
3 times the member’s share amount
Up to 24 months repayment period
Competitive interest rate of 14% on reducing balance

2. Maziwa Mingi Loan (Dairy Loan)
This is a loan facility available to the Sacco Members who wish to invest in Dairy Farming by buying good quality dairy cows, chuff cutter, animal feeds, silage storage, water tanks or constructing a zero grazing cow shed.
4 times the members share amount
Up to 24 months repayment period
Interest rate at only 8% on flat rate.

3. Microfinance loans Group loans
They are available to individuals in registered groups who operate an account with the Sacco. The loans are offered at very friendly terms and group guarantee is the security for the loans.

4. Others loans
Others loans include school fees loans, emergency loans and institutional loans.

Other services

1. M-pesa
It is available to all Safaricom customers whether members or non-members, terms and conditions are as per offered by Safaricom Company

2. Mobile Banking
This involves taking the Sacco services to the grass roots, customers can open accounts, make deposits to their accounts, withdraw money from their accounts buy shares and ask queries on their accounts during this service. It is aimed at saving transportation cost and time for the farmer. The service is charged at a very reasonable rate only to those who use it.

3. Cheque Services
This includes local and upcountry Cheque clearance, sale of bankers Cheque and issue of school fees Cheque

4. Farm Inputs
The Sacco makes arrangement with coffee societies and provide fertilizers & chemicals in good time to the farmers.


Being a growing Sacco Wakulima Dairy Sacco has attained considerable success including the following: –

1. SASRA License
Wakulima Dairy Sacco ltd is among the first Saccos to be licensed by the Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority

2. Dividends
Since the second year of its operations, the Sacco has paid dividends to its members starting with a rate of 4% in the year 2005, 6% in 2006, 10% in 2007 , 11% in 2008, 10% in 2009 and 10% in 2010, this made the Sacco to be awarded for highest dividends paid amongst the rural Saccos in the larger Nyeri, in the year 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. the Sacco also won awards for good management and having the highest average savings in these years

3. Computerization.
To be more effective and efficient, the Sacco has automated all its operations. The Sacco will soon be offering SMS banking and point of sale POS services

4. Sacco link
The Sacco has Networked with the Co-op bank ATMs to enable our customers access their funds from any part of the country. Or even beyond wherever an VISA ATM is available.