Brief History

Mukurwe-ini Wakulima Dairy Limited is situated in Nyeri County of the Central Province of Kenya. The company was started in 1990 as Self-Help Group with the main objective of collecting members milk and marketing it to the milk processors.

Processing History

The processing department plays a key role in the development and execution of guidelines specifying activities to be undertaken and conditions to be fulfilled in the manufacturing process in order to assure that Mukurwe-ini Wakulima Dairy Limited products meet consumer expectations and government regulations.

This entails specific activities and hygienic conditions to be fulfilled and monitored at all steps and levels in the dairy products handling chain from the farm level to the market place.

By offering sanitation, good manufacturing practices and other environmental and operational conditions, the processing department ultimately assures the production and availability of safe and wholesome dairy products.

The company started processing of fresh packed milk on june 2014,’THE ROYAL’ brand

The Royal milk is packed in:
1. 500ml,
2. 200ml,
3. 5 litres,
4. Processed Bulk
5. Ghee, Butter and Cheese


To grow and became the most efficient farmers business organization in Africa, enabling our farmers to maximize on their efforts and improving their livelihood within our area of operations.


To be a provider of assured quality products whose source can be traced to the best known production practices incomparable elsewhere in Africa.

Business Units

 1. A.I And Clinical Services
The company provides Artificial insemination services on selected local and exotic breeds.
The company also provides veterinary clinical services to ensure the good health of our farmers cattle. All the above services are offered to the farmers at competitive prices and by qualified professionals engaged by the company. Shareholders are given the option to pay for the services in cash or on credit against their milk production.

2. Animal Feeds And Human Food
The company provides a wide range of animal feeds for sale through its many outlets spread over its milk catchment areas. These feeds are equally sold on cash or credit against members milk productions. The prices at which the feeds are offered to the farmers are competitive compared to other suppliers.
The company also provides basic household goods inclusive of human foods to the members which are bought on credit against members produce.

3. Feeds Factory
In order to mitigate against low quality feeds sold at exorbitant prices, the company constructed a feeds factory for processing dairy feeds, poultry and swine feeds. This has enabled the company members to purchase quality animal feeds at affordable prices and thus promote the use of feeds in milk production.

4. Financial Services
The company operates a micro-finance institution called Wakulima Sacco Limited.
This institution is used as conduit for paying farmers produce, provision of basic banking services on savings and lending at much competitive rates compared to commercial banks. The critical role of the institution is to provide credit on dairy farming activities such as the purchase of grade dairy cattle, construction of cattle sheds, purchase of chaff-cutter machines, purchase of high value semen and other related business

5. Laboratory Section
The company maintains a well-equipped laboratory which is used to analyse the milk quality and also for clinical disease analysis. The company is engaged in ensuring that the milk sold to the processors is of high quality and also to avoid the losses associated with low-quality milk. Farmers milk is usually tested at the collection points and any enhanced tests are undertaken in the company’s laboratory.