MISSION: Motivating the Minds of the Dairy Farmers to Produce

Dairy Extension is a resource for the dairy industry in Mukurwe-ini region that provides beneficial information through education, and relevant extension programs designed to help producers make profitable decisions – providing a competitive edge in an increasingly global milk market.

We’re partnering with dairy producers, milkers and industry professionals to make sure Mukurwe-ini is a leader in milk quality, cow comfort and sustainable dairy businesses.

Our team enhances producers’ skills through direct education and train-the-trainer events.We provide practical solutions for family dairy businesses and help the producers solve the day-to-day problems facing them.

With overall demand growing, we are striving to grow volumes to protect our position as the Kenya’s leading dairy producer.

In addition, nutritional needs are getting more specific and urgent, which is where we have the capability to add significant value.

Dairy Production

  1. Sustainable Dairy Business and Management
  2. Fodder management and conservation
  3. Health and comfort
  4. Reproduction and Dairy Cattle Breeds
  5. Feeds and feeding
  6. Calf and Heifer Rearing
  7. Clean Milk Production and Milk Quality Control
  8. Manure management
  9. Records

Dairy Farming Business

Dairy Cattle Breeds